Z you later: The Nissan 370Z Roadster put out of its misery

The Nissan 370Z Roadster makes me upset. I’m mad that it still exists in its current form. I’m equally angry that Nissan thinks it’s totally okay to charge about 12,000 more actual American dollars over the price of a base 370Z coupe. The starting MSRP of a 2019 370Z drop top is $42,815, which gets you a car with packed with exciting technology from the year 2009. The last example I drove was a few years ago, was not fully spec’d, and stickered for $54k. Thankfully, Nissan has realized maybe this is a car that needs to go away and, according to MotorAuthority,  there will be no 2020 370Z Roadster.

I’m upset because I’m a big fan of the Z car. Not specifically the 370Z, but nearly the entire Z car family. The second car I ever owned was a 1985 300ZX. I can still feel the smile on my face as I unlatched the t-tops, stowed them in their bags in the rear hatch area, and set off through New England b-roads for a fun time behind the wheel. Years later, I drove a 1972 Datsun 240Z from California to Boston as part of a fantastic road trip with my brother. I’ve oogled, lusted after, and appreciated all manner of Z machinery for decades now.

And I’m ready for Nissan to blow the current car up so that something new may take its place. Not just the Roadster, mind you. It’s time for the coupe to disappear into Z car history as well.

Does this give us hope?

At least this is a start though. This is the beginning of the end. There is no more 370Z Roadster and the Coupe now stands alone. Hopefully it doesn’t stand for too long. Nissan, please tell me you’re cooking up something wonderful for us. The recent 50th Anniversary celebrations at the NY Auto Show would’ve been quite the time to unveil such a thing. You still have the remainder of the year to give Z car fans a glimmer of hope. Be it a tiny piece of a render, a peek at a never-before-seen new logo, or just any word at all that something is being drawn up.

Until that happens, I’m at least happy to see you shuffle off a car that’s hung around unchanged for far too long. Adios, 370Z Roadster. Don’t let the garage door hit you on the way out…

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