You don’t want A Ruckus; you want this.

When Executive Editor Jeff Glucker talks about two-wheeled things, he eventually gets around to saying that he really wants a modded Honda Ruckus. I keep telling him he doesn’t. It’s not that I fail to comprehend the attraction of a featherweight machine with a CVT and (for most of the USA) no rider licensing or registration hassles. It’s all the fun with minimal hassle. Furthermore, Ruckuses are one of the few 50cc runabouts grown men would want to be seen on. In the world of scooters, however, there are many better options. Like this one. For the ultimate in street cred and function, you can’t do much better than the Italjet Dragster 50.

Italjet’s Dragster line of scooters has been built on-and-off since 1998, powered by liquid-cooled engines in various capacities from 49 to 244 cc’s. They are notable for having center-hub-steering front swingarm suspension, a tubular space frame, a shock mounted between the rider’s feet, and an overall build quality that’s beyond the usual for small-bore scooters. And looks that are like nothing else.

Italjet has never had a big presence in the United States, and Dragsters were never imported in sizable numbers. However, the relative laxity of Federal regs on under-50cc vehicles has allowed a trickle of them to enter and ply the roads of our fair nation. This one is properly titled and . The $3000 price tag is definitely a bitter pill, but negotiable and somewhat understandable, given there are less than 400 miles on the odometer. You’re not liable to find one for less, or at all for that matter.

Somebody ’round those parts needs to convince Jeff to get off his duff, or get this happened for themselves.


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