When Life Gives You LeMons…

…It’s time to make LeMonade!

All too often we come across some crazy beater on Craigslist that’s just begging to go out in a blaze of glory. That, or it comes with a ready-made theme too awesome to pass up. Regardless, it’s tricky to wring 150-ish words of description out of 3 blurry cell phone pics (only 1 of which shows the car) and a short stream of consciousness ramble in ALLCAPS. orthe increasing ly common nocaps poorly space dstyle. Rather than pass on these sub-prime posting opportunities, we’re taking a queue from the lending industry and bundling them together for your consumption!

Audi Coupe 2 Audi Coupe 1

Oh wait, just kidding. It’s a front-wheel-drive Coupe GT. Upside: 5 speed and it’s $400. Downsides: “It is missing a few parts of the engine including the injection pump”, been sitting for a few months.

has been on Craigslist for months, now. You’d think over the course of six months he’d be able to elaborate beyond “Engine Runs…Need interior and body work…..NO PAPER WORK!…I HAVE DRIVESHAFT…BUT IT NEEDS TO BE INSTALLED”. Oh well. $500? Hopefully he’s flexible.

CapriceTaxi and/or Cop themes on are forbidden (or should be), so you’ll need to figure something else out…maybe do it up to look like the prototype 1994 Volvo 1180 that never made it? Regardless, the 350 + 700R4 + standard GM everything would make wringing some more PAH! (but more importantly some more stop and turn) out of this beast a breeze.

Mark 7Ah, the Mark VII: the Pimp’s Five-O. Another vehicle with massive junkyard support. In Pimpalicious Purple, you could run a Big Pimpin’ Barney Theme with little-to-no effort. Just stock up on gold paint for the rims and all the other trim.

Corvair 1Corvair engine

The big problem with Corvairs in LeMons is that they’re Corvairs, what were you thinking? they never have enough power. The best way to solve that? More carburetors! With the 140hp motor and a 4-speed, this example’s got all the right parts. you get 3 other engines and some other spares. Might just be enough to get through a race…

turbo brick

Turbo Brick For the Win! Probable Finish! .

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