We’re Thankful For: You

Yes you, dear reader. This place wouldn’t be what it is without you. The comment section remains a civil and engaging place to hang out, you help correct us when we’re wrong, and champion us when we get things right.
Our redesigned site is around the corner. Half of you will disagree with the styling choices while we think others will enjoy it. But just know that the content is still the same. It’s still us. And the comment section will be as engaging and entertaining as it’s been since we launched back in 2009.
If you’re reading this today, thanks for supporting us. We’re thankful for you.

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Jeff Glucker is the co-founder and Executive Editor of Redusernab.com. He’s often seen getting passed as he hustles either a dark blue 1974 Mercedes-Benz 280 or 1991 Mitsubishi Montero up the 405 Freeway. IG: @RedusernabJeff
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