We're Live At Lemons Sonoma "Sears Pointless" Race

Starting this morning at around 10AM, the green flag will fly on the Lemons race here in Sonoma, California. Prior to the race start, we will begin broadcasting , where you can watch a live from a handful of Lemons race car onboards, including the Redusernab Huevo Ranchero 2.0 (below). Even more than that, though, we’ll have a provided by Redusernab motorsport mavericks (idiot savants?) Eric Rood and myself in conjunction with Julian Cordle of Racecast. 
You can tune in on Racecast by clicking this link. Watch live, ask questions, and be a part of the experience with the Redusernab crew. 

[Photos by Bradley C. Brownell, Copyright 2017]

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