Weekend Thrifty: Putting A Ferrari In My Garage

Earlier this weekend I was visiting a local thrift shop to get some 1990’s style attire for an event (follow @RadwoodOfficial on Instagram or check out the event page on Facebook to find out why…). Luckily, I was more than successful in my endeavors, but even better I was able to find this cool framed picture from 1962. Technically my wife found it and told me about it, so thanks are due her, I suppose. 
The 1962 Targa Florio was won by Ferrari with Riccardo Rodriguez (pictured) sharing driving duties with Olivier Gendebien and Willy Mairesse in the Dino 246 SP you see here. For the meager $5 fee, this print seemed like a cool thing to hang in my garage, especially considering that it was printed back in 1964. 
Whenever I go to thrift or antiques shops, I have a knack for finding all of the car-related stuff in the store. Have you ever found anything really cool for really cheap?

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