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Well, I was just cruising around on eBay Motors, and I happened to notice these two Chrysler built cars, and they are from different eras. I have a real soft spot for the Fuselage Era Chrysler models from 1969 to 1973, and I look on the web sited to see if there are any decent ones available. I am also strangely drawn to the “J” bodied Chrysler Cordoba and the Dodge Mirada, as these were both very unloved cars at that time (and they have been unloved to this day…). Well here are two of these respective Chrysler styles, both with relatively low miles, and both readily attainable. But, are they even remotely desirable?

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Let’s start with the 1973 Chrysler Newport that looks to be in pristine condition. This was the last year for the Fuselage Styled full-sized Chrysler, and the styling was tweaked enough to still be relatively tasteful even today. According to the listing:

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I’m selling my 41 year old 1973 Chrysler Newport it’s like new all original condition only 34,000 original miles has no dents no rips or tears and runs like new I do think it could use some new shocks is all I can find it could possibly need that’s all I can find it would need to be replaced. Everything on the car is like new no ashes have ever been in any of the ash trays the lighters have never been used as you can see in the pictures the car is real clean not from cleaning or detailing it has not been cleaned up like that it’s just clean everywhere you look it’s like new the brake and gas peddles look almost unused the carpet and floor pads are again like new. Everything works but the radio does not come on I checked the fuse it looked good I dont know why the radio does not work but everything else works like it should. The car has always been garaged and car covered, it looks so nice. The car is ready to register and drive it will pass the emissions and safety tests with flying colors. I just changed the oil and filters air etc. Tuned up with new plugs wires etc. runs excellent can drive anywhere you like

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I left the quote just as it was in the listing, so I dare you to read it out loud in one breath (as it really is one very long sentence). Rambling sentence aside, this is one very well preserved Chrysler, and it is an example of how Chrysler built cars in the early 70’s. Big engine (400 CID V-8), Air Conditioning, with an AM Radio, and crank on your own windows. It has a basic Vinyl Interior, with a bench seat, but it does include a Vinyl Roof and a set of full wheel covers. This car has only covered 34,000 miles…

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With five days to go until the auction closes, this is a true no reserve sale, and the price currently sits at $3,950! The seller is in the Salt Lake City vicinity, and you can bet that this is a rust-free example. See the listing here. [sc:ebay itemid=”111254971118″ linktext=”1973 Chrysler Newport” ]

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Nine model years after that Newport was produced, this 1982 Dodge Mirada left the Chrysler Assembly Line. The Mirada was the stablemate to the Chrysler Cordoba, and they were both redesigned for the 1980 model year incorporating the chassis and running gear of the Dodge Aspen or Plymouth Volare. Just like the Newport above, this was the last year in which there was a Mirada (or Cordoba for that matter) was offered. According to the listing:

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1982 Dodge Mirada CMX … Original 23,XXX miles Powered by the Legendary 225 Cubic Inch Slant 6 .. This vehicle is equipped with, Power Steering, Power Brakes, Air Conditioning, Black exterior with a Sim Conv top matched beautifully W/ Light Gray cloth interior. AM/FM Radio .. This Mirada runs absolutely beautiful!!! And from top to bottom, interior to the exterior is extremely gorgeous, however there are some minor imperfection’s such as several ding’s & some lite scratches. This vehicle’s wheels are wrapped w Michelin 205/75R15″ with a good 95% tread life remaining.

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The CMX was suppose to be the top trim group, but what do I know. To have a personal luxury car like this powered by the leaning tower of power is awesome, but don’t expect to win any speed outings. The design cues sprinkled throughout this Dodge is very telling on how Chrysler managed to survive throughout the 70’s. Both cars share the gearshift lever, ignition lock, and push-button climate controls.

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This is another car that will be sold, as this is another no reserve auction. With seven days to go, the current bid is up to $1,200. This is really cheap, and I would think its a bargain until it goes over, say, $4,000. See the listing here: [sc:ebay itemid=”321295048132″ linktext=”1982 Dodge Mirada CMX Coupe” ]

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