Weekend Edition: The Mk3.5 Volkswagen Golf Cabriolet

Much like the Ford P100 pickup truck seen in the earlier Weekend Edition post, the Mk3.5 Golf Cabriolet is something wearing the face of something else. The hardware and the hard points, along with the rest of the car from the A-pillars backwards, mean that you’re still getting the same Golf that debuted in 1993, but the appearance was tailored to match the new fourth generation car. It’s hardly different from what Volkswagen did earlier, as the first-generation droptop doubled for the Cabriolet when the Mk2 Golf was built.
This 1999 car actually looks quite good in black, and the Azev A wheels are always a favorite.

From the rear, the Golf looks just like the previous model, with the bumper moldings as the only difference.
Like the earlier cars, the Cabriolet continued to be assembled by the tailor Karmann.
Inside, you get really chunky-looking sports seats and the Mk4-specification sports steering wheel. The dashboard remains a Mk3 fare, but that’s fine.
Despite having 1.8 litres to work with, the ’99 car here only has 75 horsepower, making it the slowest version of the convertible Golfs. I don’t really mind it, as the car is a boulevard cruiser.
As the rounded-off Mk3.5 fenders are a direct fit on an older car, they’re suitable for a Mk4-look face swap on a regular issue Mk3. I imagine there must be a ton of Mk3.5 cabrios with the front clip panels taken, by now.

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