Weekend Edition: Risky Business – 1982 Porsche 928 for sale

Sometimes you come upon a bad idea so obvious it’s visible from space. Last night, out on the town with the Peugeot, I did a double take not entirely dissimilar to the scene in Christine where Arnie first sees the decrepit Fury hulk. Parked across the street from a used car dealer, there was an early Porsche 928 in gunmetal brown, covered in evening mist. It looked completely alien sitting on its own, with a quickly written note on the window that yes, it is for sale, here’s the number.
The difference with anything usually left out for sale was that this Porsche seemed exceptionally clean. No clearcoat damage, no rips on the leather, nothing that would immediately point out a history of abuse or deferred maintenance. It wasn’t your usual Craigslist special, one that would best serve a LeMons prospect. How bad could it be?

Although there was no price affixed to the window, I found an outdated ad for the car. It’s said to be a 1982 car with the 4.5-litre engine, and the side markers and other details mark it out as an US-market car. It’s been with the current owner for a decade, there’s valid inspection until April and so on. The seller notes it’s completely original inside out, rust free underneath and that the engine bay has no sketchy modifications, meaning it would easily make historic plates if one so wished. Even if the ad with a 9300 euro price tag wasn’t current, the fact that the car was still sitting there with a phone number on it means it’s up for grabs, probably for a little less, as the nights are getting colder and the Porsche’s not getting any younger.
The odometer reading is said to be 107 000 km, which in this case probably means 66k miles and change. Not too bad for a 1982 car, right?
There’s a lot to love about the 928, but my favorite detail is the deep-set original taillight cluster. A simple design, but it just works so well. The US-market bits aren’t too bad either, like the dumpy rear bumperettes screwed on the both sides of the rear plate. The body colour 16″ flat discs work too.
There’s something about the 928’s front that makes me compare it to being eye to eye, face to face with a shark. It’s completely emotionless, just waiting for you to take custody and start pouring money into that wide and long engine bay with the two-metre timing belt. It’s daring you to jump into the water. Come on, do it. How deep can it be?
But still, I love the shape and the colour of this car. The matching brown leather is a perfect fit for it, instead of the often-seen wacky checkered cloth. It’s an automatic, but that suits the GT character fine. It’s not cheap, but how much is 9k for a 928? Like I said on Instagram, which you would know if you followed me on Twitter (wait, I’m not Doug from Jalopnik): God created the Porsche 928, and the Devil took a marker and scribbled a “For Sale” sign on the window.
[Images: Copyright 2015 Redusernab/Antti Kautonen]

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