Weekend Edition Quick Hit – Future Lemon Edition; 2 Unique Wagons…

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Welcome to the Easter Holiday Weekend, and I thought we would continue with a series of Quick Hits from the Future $500 race cars! Even if the owner doesn’t know it yet Facebook Page, as a way to celebrate Eric’s coverage of the Cure for Gingervitis event. Station Wagons have been well represented in various LeMons events, especially the “K” it forward piece-o-crap that tied with the Cessna piece-o-wonderful in our car-of-the-year competition. So why not find a wagon of your own, and here are two particularly interesting examples…

1980 Datsun Sunny Station Wagon low miles - Google Chrome 4202014 114237 AM.bmp

This is a 1980 Datsun 210 (Sunny) Wagon in which the seller states:

All original Datsun with 93.000 original miles. Never wrecked. No dents. Nearly new tires and battery.
Auto trans.
Interior is decent, everything works, mostly, except radio. Headliner and interior doors look good. Good gas mileage.
It has some body rust, and other imperfections. But, very good running engine. You may text me, but no phone calls please! Or, use the craigslist email.

1980 Datsun Sunny Station Wagon low miles - Google Chrome 4202014 114231 AM.bmp

If my memory serves me correctly, these came with a 1.5L or a 1.6L engine that seemed to last forever. The Automatic will make it a lot slower than one with a stick, but remember, slower cars seem to outlast faster ones in these events. Asking price is $900… And of course you can sell off items to bring it under the $500 threshold. See the listing here.

1957 Hillman Super Minx Wagon - Google Chrome 4202014 114307 AM.bmp

Of course, you should always try and go after the Index of Effluency award, and what better way to do this than with a 1957 Hillman Super Minx Wagon. According to the listing:

Nice complete 1957 Hillman Super Minx wagon. Looks to be 99 % complete. Has some rust (not bad) and has spent the last few years in a field in the San Luis valley. Great for a gasser, make it into a cool pickup, restore it, use it for parts, whatever.NO TITLE< NO TITLE> NO TITLE> Any good offer takes it a way, will help load. All there, these are getting hard to find. Please no Nigerian prince cashiers check silliness we have all seen that by now.Leave your phone number in your response I will call you back.

1957 Hillman Super Minx Wagon - Google Chrome 4202014 114321 AM.bmp

This Wagon will take a lot more work than the Datsun above, but what a glorious piece-o-treasure once you have it running and race ready. Asking price is $1,000, and I’m sure the seller will take less. And I bet you could get an exemption from the Judges just showing up in a Hillman. See the listing here.

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