Weekend Edition Quick Hit – A 1976 Lincoln Town Car / Packard Mashup on Craigslist

Welcome to another Redusernab Weekend, where I can transport you around the web in search of peculiar vehicular conveyances for your enjoyment. I thought I would start out with this get I fornd on , and what can I say… This is suppose to be a 1976 Lincoln Town Car, that has been modified with Pre-war Packard Sheetmetal. So, what do you think of it? This is being offered near Detroit, and on first glance, it looks OK. According to the listing:

This vehicle started out as a 1976 Lincoln which was Chopped to add a 1942 Packard Front & Rear End! As you can see it really has a personality of its own!! The Vehicle is garage stored, and is in Good/Fair condition with 89,196 on the odometer First 2 Pics & Last Pic was when it was first built Other pics were taked on 10/11/2013 3rd to last pic shows dent in Drivers Side rear quarter 2nd to last pic shows scratch on Passenger Side Door Car has been tuned up and runs Great

The creator of this car has his own website, and you can access it Asking price for this Packard/Lincoln is $8,995, which seems to be a lot, but what the hell do I know? , and tell me what you think…

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