Weekend Edition Quick Hit – A 1974 GMC Sprint SP 454; The Other El Camino

Welcome to the Sunday Edition of the Redusernab Weekend, and I am going to start with an unusual car based pickup that you don’t see a lot of anymore. This is a GMC Sprint, which is really nothing more than a Chevrolet El Camino with different identification. As I highlighted in one of my a few months ago, the Sprint SP was the performance package, similar to the El Camino SS. This one is a later version than the ones outlined, with a honkin’ 454 under the hood, but the asking price is in never never land… This Ute is listed for sale in Toronto Ontario, and according to the Kijiji Listing:

One of only 13 made by GM in 1974 with swivel bucket seats, this 1974 GMC Sprint 454 SP Classic is in perfect brand new condition. It has never been driven in the rain or snow by it’s 3 owners and is totally rust free without any bondo anywhere. The interior is in perfect condition and the car is in the original specs as ordered by the first owner. This Sprint is truly rare as GMC only made a total of 226 with the 454 over 6 years and only made 66 in 1974 but only 13 with the swivel buckets. All specs and a copy of its 2013 appraisal can be emailed to serious buyers on request.

The car/truck shows only 65,000 Kilometers (or a little over 40,000 miles), and it is quite tasty for the type of vehicle the seller claims it is, but the asking price is a little outrageous… $120,000. Yes, I will say it again… $120,000. I think that is in Canadian Funds, but after looking up the exchange rate, that is still over $112,000 in US Greenbacks. This thing may be rare, and it looks to be in good condition, but I don’t think it’s worth even 25% of the asking price. So, what do the Hoons think of this truck/car/thing? Worth the asking price, or is the seller smoking crack? and tell me what you think…

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