Weekend Edition Quick Hit – A 1973 Ford F-350 with an Interesting Camper included…

1973 truck1975 mobile home UNIQUE - Google Chrome 6212014 113700 AM.bmp Continuing on with our weekend of Quick Hits, and here is what looks like a Ford F-350, at least that’s what I think it is because the Craigslist listing doesn’t explain what the hell the truck really is. However, this looks like a special F-350 that was introduced for the 1973 model year called the F-350 SRW. According to Wikipedia:

These were new heavy-duty pickups made with contractors and camping enthusiasts in mind. The trucks rode on a longer-wheelbase chassis but were the same overall length as an F-100 or F-250 pickup. Ordering the Camper Special package on an F-350 SRW made it a Super Camper Special which was designed for the much heavier slide-in campers coming on the market at that time.

And this is an extremely heavy slide-in camper, so heavy that it was equipped with it’s own tag axle. So, is this something you could see yourself owning? Fullscreen capture 6212014 113649 AM.bmp Let’s concentrate on the Camper portion of this ad shall we. This was built by Born Free, which is still in business today under the Dodgen Industries umbrella located in Humboldt Iowa. The Born Free Camper was produced at the time when the RV craze just started taking off (Early to mid 1970’s) and this was one of the largest slide-in campers then available. Born Free Motorcoach now concentrates on producing class “C” Motorcoaches fitted to cutaway Ford and GM Chassis as well as the Ford Super Duty line of Trucks. There is a group of “Born Free” enthusiasts who have formed the “Born Free Leap’n Lion RV Club” who support their members with how-to tips and features about their camper of choice. 1973 truck1975 mobile home UNIQUE - Google Chrome 6212014 113727 AM.bmp Now, let’s see if this Truck/Camper pair is speaking to you…

Unique and one of a kind. I am selling a 1973 ford f series 4 pk with an overhead 1975 born free camper with tandem wheels. Truck is good condition just needing a little Tlc. Trailer has a nice setup!!! Asking $4,000.00 for the pair. If interested please call.

1973 truck1975 mobile home UNIQUE - Google Chrome 6212014 113717 AM.bmp This ad was short and to the point with quite a few images. It does include the sellers phone number if you’re interested. At $4,000, do you think this is a good buy? The mileage in undisclosed, and is the condition of the truck and camper. There is a loyal fan club for the Camper, so expertise should never be a problem (Same with the Airstream Travel Trailer crowd). Let me know what you think after looking at the listing here.

bfcmpr1_232.jpg (480×360) - Google Chrome 6212014 110759 AM

What the camper in the Listing could look like after a lot of TLC…

Born Free History Here. Leap’n Lions RV Club Info Here. logo.jpg (338×290) - Google Chrome 6212014 110719 AM.bmp

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