Weekend Edition: Old German cars on a Slovenian street

2016-03-12 17.19.26 A Slovenian friend of mine, Aleš shot these classic German cars in his town of Maribor the other day. Both of them are in need of light restoration, even if they’re durable enough to trundle around the streets in the condition in which they are now. 2016-03-12 17.20.59 2016-03-12 17.20.44 The Mercedes-Benz W115 200 looks to be in original condition, and the stance is probably down to some very old springs. It’s been touched up and resprayed a few times, most likely. 2016-03-12 17.19.36 2016-03-12 17.20.08 The brown interior looks excellent, it’s seemingly worn very well. You could get these with column shift, too, but this one has the four-on-the-floor. 2016-03-12 17.20.19 2016-03-12 17.20.33 The rust and signs of touch-up work would merit a complete re-do. 2016-03-12 17.19.46 2016-03-10 09.34.04 This BMW E12 is more of a mystery. The badge on the front says 525… 2016-03-10 09.33.40 And the trunklid says 518. Which one is correct? 2016-03-10 09.34.49 Note the motorsport-coloured slats inside one kidney. 2016-03-10 09.34.37 Which one would you take and bring home to make it right? [Images: Aleš Z.]

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The resident Finn of Redusernab. Owns old Peugeots and whatnot, writes long thinkpieces on unloved cars. These two facts might be related.
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