Weekend Edition – A Mid-Cycle Review of the Redusernab Obscure Muscle Car Garage, with some of your comments…

I have been posting the Redusernab Obscure Muscle Car for the last 18 weeks, and you seem to enjoy the postings. Well, the reason why I’m doing a review of the Garage at this time was due to a slight problem with our polling system, which happened right around the time we had a post about the 1968 Pontiac Grand Prix. Well, hopefully this will rectify that error, and give you all a chance to not only review the past 18 posts of the Obscure Muscle Car Garage, but to vote as well (if you didn’t cast a vote in any of the nominees)… So let’s start, by going backward from 18 to 1…

Week 18 –
Best Comment: “Fast, furious, 4-speed, fender skirts – I’m all in.”

Week 17 –
Best Comment: “10 feet. Between the wheels. 2 doors. Occupying most of that space. The mind boggles.”

Week 16 –
Best Comment: “Absolutely a muscle truck. Obscure, eh, not so much.”

Week 15 –
Best Comment: “Obscure? Yes. Rare? Quite. Muscle? Absolutely. Checks all the right boxes for me.”

Week 14 –
Best Comment: “I’ll take that beautiful red ragtop just for the tail lights and square steering wheel.”

Best Comment: “It’s a bit unsettling to look at because we’re so familiar with the Chevelle and GTO. “Hey look! Sylvester Stallone! Wait…umm..is that…I think it’s him….noooo, that his brother Frank.””

Week 12 –
Best Comment: “UGH! Vega meets Pacer & look what happened.”

Week 11 –
Best Comment: “I’ve been lusting after these as of late, and you’re not helping.”

Week 10 –
Best Comment: “Make mine a country sedan, white on black with black or red interior please. I’ll swing by the dealer and pick it up on my way out of town on vacation.”

Week 9 –
Best Comment: “Gee, I went into AutoZone the other day, and they were completely out of Turbo Rocket Fluid. I was pissed.”

Week 8 –
Best Comment: “I’ve always loved that their car club is called the Studebaker Drivers Club.”

Week 7 –
Best Comment: “My wife says there is only one thing I could do that’s unforgivable and will result in instant divorce – buy an El Camino (or a GMC Sprint).”

Week 6 –
Best Comment: “Crap, I gotta stop reading articles on this site. I knew about these, but never wanted one. NOW I want one of these… but with only 784 made, surviving examples are probably getting to be damn expensive.”

Week 5 –
Best Comment: “”Total production numbers can be broken down to 687 hatchbacks with manual transmission” Craigslist, don’t fail me now!”

Week 4 –
Best Comment: “Wow, those were the days. The only over-the-counter upgrades you can get now is bacon on your cheeseburger”

Week 3 –
Best Comment: “Awesomely obscure. Obscurely awesome. I must have one.”

Week 2 –
Best Comment: “The Can Am broke the mold…literally”

Week 1 –
Best Comment: “I know muscle cars. Muscle cars are a friend of mine. You, sir, are no muscle car.”

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