Watch the 600hp+ Targa Truck rip up the Brigus stage of the Targa Newfoundland

If you haven’t got enough of the Targa Truck on camera then, to quote Tommy Callahan, “Get ready to live!”
If you need a recap on what the Targa Truck is, see here. TLDR – it’s a fifteen foot long sledgehammer forged of steel, horsepower, and bad ideas. Imagine War Pigs era Black Sabbath covering Wichita Lineman, and you’ll just about have it.
Here we see owner/driver Mark Bovey and co-driver Miles Markovic taking on the Brigus stage of last year’s Targa Newfoundland. Last leg of the Targa, Brigus is all tricky little roads little wider than back alleys – the road actually went in after the houses. Imagine hammering along some Nefoundlander’s footpath in a 1971 GMC farm truck with 600hp under your foot and a lobster zip-tied to the roll cage. Madness – especially with both Bovey and Markovic just having completed a hail-Mary repair to the Targa Truck’s shaken-apart rear end.
For Canadian hoons, the Targa Truck is featured on this season of Discovery Channel’s Megaspeed (making-of video above). Further, the Targa Truck might just be showing up on a few more worldwide screens, now that it’s out there on the loose. Stay tuned.

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