Watch and Listen as Formula 3000 Cars Take On a Hill Climb

The hills are alive with the sound of 3000 cc’s.
Typically, you only see open wheel cars racing on finely paved tracks and the occasional street circuit. The same is true for Formula 3000 cars which have become accustomed to racing on some of the world’s finest circuits in various championships since the 80’s and were eclipsed only by Formula 1 at the time.
So what happens when they give up the perfectly smooth asphalt of a racing circuit and are unleashed on an Italian hill climb? What happens is madness. Lolas and Reynards powered by Cosworth, Judd, Renault, and Zytek engines go roaring through the hills at the hands of some fearless drivers while spectators stand within arm’s reach. The cars are more than a bit out of their comfort zone on the tight and bumpy roads but they’re still taking it impressively fast. It all makes for some spectacular driving and the sounds alone are worth clicking play for.
[Source: via YouTube]

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