Rail inspection? Pffhh … Try Minefield Inspection!

Forget about crawling around boring railroad tracks … need a vehicle that eats IEDs for breakfast and plays in minefields for fun? Look no further than the Trojan, a Mad Max-esque tractor built from a bucket of main battle tank parts and a healthy dose of aggression.

The most obvious feature of the Trojan is the massive mine-clearing plow up front. Designed to simply run over mines or push them out of the way, it’d make quick work clearing off the track at a typical LeMons race. The Trojan also packs an excavator arm for a little light digging, or to deploy obstacle-crossing fascines. Best of all, it can launch a rocket-propelled 750 foot rope of explosives from a trailer to clear a 25 foot wide path in a risky area – the perfect length for HumVee drag-racing! The Trojan is built off of a Challenger II chassis, currently the main British battletank, and so it shares the Challenger’s 26.1 liter Perkins 12 cylinder diesel engine making a lazy 1,200 HP and an unspecified but surely monumental amount of torque. Hey, with 19.2 horsepower per ton, it’ll go 37 mph tops. Try putting a Briggs and Stratton into a Geo Metro and see if you can top 37 mph … IN A MINEFIELD.
And I kid – the rail inspection vehicles are very cool. They just provided a good excuse to run a photo of a Trojan. Front-end plows FTW!
Wikipedia, Royal Engineers

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