Truck Thursday: 1991 Range Rover Classic 2-Door

Range Rover Classic 2-door
The original CJs, Blazers, 4Runners, Land Cruisers, Broncos and many other old off-road capable vehicles had many things in common, including the fact that they all had two doors. It wasn’t until later on in the SUV evolution that people realized that those off-roaders do a great job of getting kids to school when there is a chance of flurries, and that they supposedly perform better in accidents than a ’74 Pinto. And so the four-door SUV era began and all the two-door SUVs went away, with the exception of the Wrangler.
I personally didn’t even know that Land Rover still made the 2-door Range Rover in the 1990’s, along the 4-door model which came in two wheelbase choices, but here it is. This 2-door was recently imported from Spain and our friend B.Z. Rong basically told me that I need this in my life. And he is right.

Range Rover Classic 2-door rear
From the ad:

1991 Range Rover Classic 2 Door$15000

This 1991 Range Rover Classic 2 door was recently imported from Spain. It has a 3.9 liter V8 engine and 100k original miles. It is rust free and a solid driver. Has factory AC
Located in South Austin, email to come see it or ask any other questions.
$15,000 obo

Range Rover Classic 2-door interior

I gotta be honest, I love everything about this. It looks great, it’s the right color, it has the proper transmission, interior is great, heck, it even has the right tires on it. Yea, it’s not a diesel but at least parts and service on the 3.9-liter would be easy to find. In fact, I like this so much I would probably take this over a Defender 90 from the same era, mostly because everyone has a Defender 90 and NO ONE has a classic Range Rover in a two-door version.

The price of $15,000 will seem high when compared other Range Rovers of that time, but those Range Rovers are the common four-door types with automatic transmissions and likely rusted. But this price will seem like a bargain when compared to any Defender 90.

Range Rover Classic 2-door wheel

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