Toyota FX32 Wins At 24 Hours Of Lemons BFE GP

Everybody’s favorite Toyota FX with an MR2 shoved up its backside has done something unprecedented.  It is the first twin-engine, four wheel drive car to actually win at a Lemons event.  Somehow this little gem – which was built in a mere three months’ time earlier this year under Redusernab’s watcful eye – not only ran under full power for a whole race, but won its class. 

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 Team Volatile RAM races two of these twin-4AGE Toyota contraptions.  The original iteration is called the MRolla.  It is the love child of an MR2 and a Corolla AE86 AE92.  The FX32 follows the same formula, but uses all of the external sheet metal of the FX to achieve its charming and unassuming look.  The FX32 fared well in its first outing at Sonoma Raceway, finishing 3rd in Class C.  So well, in fact, that Judge Phil decided it was too good for Class C and moved it up to Class B.  He left the similarly equipped #801 MRolla in Class C, citing the fact that it has been “butt terrible”.  

A bribe is always a good idea if there are any questions about the cheat-y-ness of your car. 

It turns out that Judge Phil was prophetic.  The MRolla proceeded to blow a head gasket in the first hour of the race while the FX32 ran like a sewing machine.  The MRolla spun 3 times and was involved in a minor wreck.  The FX32 just kept completing laps.  It was the tale of two race cars.   

The MRolla, being an attention whore. 

The FX battled for quite some time with team “Geezer Escort Service”, a mauve Ford Escort driven by a team whose average age was 70.  (By the way, those guys, I want to be like them when I grow up.)  Eventually, the geezers lost ground because of a black flag or a mechanical issue and the FX ran away with Class B and finished tenth overall.  The MRolla finished admirably in 35th after many black flags and after dragging around the dead weight of the rear engine for nearly the whole race. 


FX win4[Image:] 

Congrats to team Volatile RAM on the win and thanks to all of you hoons that followed this crazy project from its beginning. 


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