This is how you drive fast in a vehicle with a high center of gravity

Wyatt Knox can drive fast on all manner of terrain conditions. Usually, he’s doing so in a prepped rally car or while instructing students at the Team O’Neil Rally School. But what happens when he’s asked to drive something that sits a bit higher up? Knox has that handled too.

In the latest video from Team O’Neil, Wyatt explains how to drive quickly in a vehicle with a high center of gravity. There are some good basics being covered here. You’ll need to understand how your tires, wheels, and suspension behave. Also, pay attention to what shape they are in currently.

Another thing to think about is the surface upon which you’re motoring. If it’s loose, you can get away with a lot of angle and slip. The more traction you have, however, the more likely you are to enter into a condition that could lead to a roll over.

Some of the information in the video above will be old hat to a handful of you. But for others, there’s a lot to be learned and Knox does a great job of explaining it all. Click play. Learn a bit. And then be a better driver by practicing what you see here.

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