This Chrysler 300C hides a hellacious secret

It’s a shame that Chrysler has never offered up a Hellcat-ified version of its 300 sedan. A sleeper Hellcat would make for an excellent alternative to the Charger version. All of that power paired with an upgraded interior space and subdued exterior styling adds up to a highway all star. And a street stunner. Alas, it’s not mean to be.

Unless you take matters into your own hands

One owner of a 2014 300C SRT8 decided to do just that. The engine bay has been altered so that the standard Hemi block has been swapped out for the one used by the Hellcat. At first glance, both blocks appears to be pretty much the same (6.4-liters vs 6.2-liters for the Hellcat), withe main change being the stroke length and a dash of orange powder coating. If you saw a cutaway of both blocks, however, you’d find a bit more cooling channels. So there are definite benefits involved with making use of the Hellcat block.

Add in a set of Hellion turbochargers and you have a recipe for tremendous power. These are the turbos that bolt in aft of the exhaust system, so they don’t require a complete reworking of the intake setup. With a bit of boost and the proper tune, you can dip into the arena of four-figure horsepower. And that’s what we have with this 300C here.

The finished product is a super sleeper sedan… as long as you don’t check out the rear tire setup. Those fat drag meats have this 300C running low 10-second runs with trap speeds around 145 miles per hour. The plan is to continue wrenching on the thing to get it down into the nine-second range.

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