This 1965 Ford F250 Makes Me Want to Buy a Ranch

1965 ford F350 4x4 for sale

Admittedly, we’re already ahead of the curve on trucks . However, after stumbling upon this stunner of a ’65 F250 4×4, we can’t not share. 390ci V8, four-speed, 4×4, a flat bed and clean cosmetics. Honestly, there’s not much more to know or share. Without any other info, we can assume that single-circuit master cylinder’s actuating drums at all four corners and there’s no AC. The tires look to be in the 32-33″ range, which probably couples with crazy-low gearing to make it more usable around town. Lest you worry about a lack of torque, one, it’s got a 390 and two, it’s got a T18 four-speed with a 6.32:1 first gear.

I can almost rationalize dropping the Wagoneer for this beast. Alas, for me, this truck is a no-go as it lacks the necessary seating for my whole clan. Sadly, early Ford crew cabs are impossibly rare (I didn’t even know they officially made a until writing this post), so I’ll just have to settle for something with crumple zones, shoulder belts and even airbags.

At $5850, it’s really a steal if you’re looking for a stylish truck that can actually earn its keep.

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