The Post In Which Graverobber Bids You Adieu

I know what you’re thinking—where in the hell is the question of the day? Well, I’ve decided to usurp my weekday query post for some important news—I am stepping back from my staccato-like posting schedule here on Redusernab. Yep, as part of a push to reinvent the site as an Alt-Right Gay Porn portal, I’m giving up talking to you fine folks on a daily basis. Also, I may have gotten some faulty intel on that whole Alt-Right Gay Porn shift, we’ll just have to see.
Enough about me however, let’s talk about you. First and foremost I’d like to thank you for the years of active engagement, kind and intelligent discourse, and understanding when things didn’t always go as planned here on the Hoon. I want you to know that all the stuff I offered up was intended to keep you, our beloved readers, entertained, engaged, and maybe even educated every now and then. A better group of commenters doesn’t exist, and I consider myself fortunate to have been a part of it… or maybe I should say, be apart of it. You see, I’m giving up the daily grind, but I’ve been graciously told by Tim and Jeff that I can continue to drop in every now and then and post something, and I’ll assuredly take them up on that offer. You probably would like to know more about the reasons for my curtailing my exposure here, and for that, we’re going to have to make a jump.
Still with me? Good. Okay, the reason I’m cutting back on the posts is because I’m pretty much burnt out. It’s been a lot of fun bringing you weekly banalities like Track Tuesday, Craigslist Crapshoot, Thursday Trivia, and the Mystery Car, not to mention the Daily Question and our closer every weekday. The thing of it is, it’s also been a heck of a lot of work, and I’m ready to take a break. That’s the only reason for my decision. 
This of course gives the Hoons in charge the opportunity for additional changes, and I think in the weeks and months ahead you’ll see a shift in content on Redusernab, as well as some updates to the site’s look and feel. What won’t change is the sense of camaraderie and hopefully family that we all try to engender. It’s all good and I’m excited for what the future holds for the Hoon. I’m definitely sticking around to see how things pan out.
Okay, a few things that I think I should close out before finally signing off. First off, I am—sadly—no longer the owner of a Volvo. Due to some juggling in our driveway, our 1998 Volvo V90 is now gone. My daughter shed a tear upon its departure as it had become a beloved steed for her over the past couple of years. Fortunately, it went to a good home.

You might also note the Ford Five Hundred parked behind the Volvo and recall that I had that car up for sale a while back. That car also went to a good home after spending a day on a semi-busy street with a For Sale sign in the window. It had been a trusted daily driver for 11 years and 160,000 miles, but it was time for something different. How different? How about a 2016 Volkswagen Jetta Sport?

I bought that car used with 2,800 miles on the odometer and about five-grand off the list. I wanted something smaller, and I had liked the 170-bhp 1.8-litre ea888 engine when I drove it at a media event so that’s what I bought. When I told Jeff, he asked what sorority I had joined. I told him it was Glukka-Effa-U.
We have also recently replaced my wife’s ’05 Sienna Minivan with a 2016 Honda CRV  and I have to say, this is the top-selling mid-size crossover? It’s okay, but has a really shitty entertainment system and kind of cheap plastics in places. Also, there’s a surprising lack of storage for what’s considered to be a roomy contender.
Oh well. We also have a 1999 Audi A6 Avant that I bought from a friend and then offered to my elder daughter as a daily driver. We discussed that roll of the dice last year too. I’m happy to report that she loves the car and it has capably comported her to her new job and back—30 miles each way—without issue for the past 5 months. In total she’s added 12,000 miles to the car in the year we’ve owned it. I’m heading out tomorrow morning to have it fitted with a new set of Continental tires too.
My 1971 240Z , 1974 Jensen Healey, and 1961 Austin Healy Sprite still beckon  from the garage, and maybe now that I’m cutting back on the writing I’ll actually have time to dive into each of those project cars.

I can guarantee that should I make any major progress on any of them that you will be the first to hear about it. My efforts here will be severely curtailed, but should I have something of interest to report, I’ll get back oin the saddle. I’ll also keep up with Nice Price or Crack Pipe over on Jalopnik, so I’ll hopefully see you there too.
Be well, make yourself and the people who are important to you proud, and don’t do anything I wouldn’t do.
Peace to you, brothers and sisters.
Images: ©2017, Robert Emslie, All Rights Reserved

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