The McLaren 720S is insane perfection

710 horsepower. Rear-wheel drive. Spaceship supercar styling. Easily daily drivable? Yes. The McLaren 720S is technically fantastic, a marvel for the eyes, and …totally fine chugging along about town.
But we’re not going to do that last bit today.
Woking’s finest have crafted one hell of a Super Series machine. This vehicle lies in the middle of the McLaren lineup if you look purely at the various series lineup. At the bottom, you have the Sport Series cars like the 570GT and 600LT. At the top sits the McLaren P1, the Senna, and the upcoming Speedtail.
Sitting in the middle, you won’t find a compromise car with the 720S. It’s an insane bit of performance car that’s endlessly livable. Rather than getting a car that’s a little bit of the models above and below, it’s really the best of both of those worlds. The suspension can dampen rough roads and keep your back happy, or firm up the ride to track-car spec and keep your brain and heart pumping wildly.
Sure, Lamborghini and Ferrari build more outlandish machines. Aston Martin, Rolls-Royce, and Bentley build more civilized ones.
McLaren are building the car that is truly the top of its class with regards to outright performance… and somehow the damn things are comfortable too.
[Disclaimer: McLaren tossed us the keys to the 720S and included a tank of fuel.]

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