The Grand Tour – Season 2

If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again, right? The first season of the hyped Grand Tour left me a bit… underwhelmed. It was exactly what I, and many others expected, the continuation of adventures that the three idiot hosts started at TopGear. But somehow, for me, it wasn’t ideal. I hoped for improvement with each new episode but it didn’t happen. Sure features were amazing, the video was great, and there were lots of funny bits. But those were overshadowed but dumb stuff that most people just didn’t like or didn’t get.  
It was the penis and other kindergarten-level bathroom jokes. Silly as it may sound, the occasional R-rated words wouldn’t allow me to watch it with my 4 and 9 nine year old kids. The American Stig substitute was basically just one big WTF moment. The celebrities dying on the way to be interviewed was beyond weird. It was these things that turned a possibly amazing show into just another TopGear knock-off. 
Last night season 2 premiered on Amazon Video. At first glance it was a huge improvement. It wasn’t improved because it was better in any way. No, it’s still the same TopGear-like theme. It was improved because none of the negative things listed above were present. Watching in the middle of the night, my somewhat low expectations were surpassed. It wasn’t anything mind-blowing but it was good entertainment. And the absence of this dumb stuff made into something that I can watch with my kids. 

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