The Ferrari Club of Naples: Cars On Fifth


Last weekend, the Ferrari Club of Naples commandeered toney 5th Avenue South here in FantasyLand for a pretty cool show, if you are into exotic supercars. This olelongrooffan decided to join the massive crowd and headed down to check it out. I had heard of the one they had last year and thought this might be something to capture and share with my fellow Hoons


What is it with chrome wraps on cars these days? I saw that Bentley over in Palm Beach, at the Winter Park Concours I spotted a dealer owned Lexus (or was it Infiniti) SUV, then skitter’s DeltaWing race car and then this one. I mean is this supposed to be cool?


While this olelongrooffan is not a Ferrari aficionado, this one captured my eye. The street was lined, both sides, for about eight blocks with supercars such as these. It was difficult to capture many images without lots of folks in them.


But I was able to grab a few of the more interesting, at least to me, older steel and this blue one was brilliant on that Chamber of Commerce type of day. Every restaurant was packed and the streets were overflowing with humankind.


This was another pretty Ferrari that captured my eye that day. And what is that red thing just yonder?


I would suspect that fellow Hoon $kaycog was able to identify that mystery car in just one glance. Yeah there were tons of folks taking in its beauty, this olelongrooffan included.




See, I told my fellow Hoons that anything could be registered in the Sunshine State, this ’67 GT40 included.


I decided to head up and walk down the little paver brick border along the street to avoid the human traffic jam in street and on the sidewalks.  Believe it or not my fellow Hoons, this olelongrooffan correctly identified this Qvale Mangusta the instant I spotted it. Yeah, that knowledge and five bucks will get me a coffee there on toney 5th Ave.


Yeah there was a variety of supercars down there that day.


And many of them had their bonnets open for my viewing pleasure.


It was about this time, after I had traversed about half of those 8 blocks that this olelongrooffan realized just how jaded I was. I mean GTs, Ferraris, Morgans, bah, stuff this olelongrooffan sees pretty much every day round these here parts.


However, this is a beautiful JAAAAG XJ coupe, one this olelongrooffan wouldn’t mind calling my own. I’ll just need a big bank account to keep it running for any length of time.


It was after I spotted this Lancia Beta Montecarlo, and identifying it correctly, that I decided to quit fighting the crowds and head on out to see what else there was to be seen. I hotfooted back to my longerroof parking in that parking garage I helped to permit so long ago in what seems like a different lifetime.


On the way there, this olelongroofffan was able to capture a few images of what cars were in the lot. This one which was one of the last convertibles to be built in the US captured my eye. It was in beautiful shape. I suspect it was initially purchased as an investment but has now become somewhat of a daily driver once convertible production commenced again here in the states.


My Rolex24 buddy, RJ has a chrome bumper Vette just like this one. Same wheels, same color, same pipes. If I didn’t know that he is out to sea about this time, I figured it could have been him. Naw, he would have driven his Boxster down for this show.


And this silver and black Chevelle looked “Pressed Tight.” Great color combination, wheel selection and stance. Yeah, I liked it, a lot. But this olelongrooffan would much rather have the longroof version of it.


And guess how they got all those Ferraris here in the first place?


On the way home I stopped by my local grocery store and spotted this in the lot there. I am confident that whoever drove this ragtop had no inclination to park it on 5th Avenue South for everyone to gawk at. After all, for them it is a daily driver.

Images Copyright Redusernab 2014/longrooffan

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