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You spoke, we listened.
Properly functioning images in posts? You got ’em. YouTube embeds? Check. Profiles? No problem.
Last but not least, the crown jewel of commenting, the Edit Button is among the many features we offer. Details after the jump.

HTML, eh?
You can now use the following HTML tags: <a>, <b>, <i>, <u>, <em>, <p>, <blockquote>, <br>, <strong>, <strike> and <img>.  That means you can drop an image into your post, but it’s gotta be hosted elsewhere. flickr, Picasaweb and photobucket are your friends.
Do us a favor and ad: width=500 to any image that’s bigger than that. Do us another favor and keep it clean with the image embeds. We all love pretty ladies (or dudes..), but there are plenty of other places on the internet for that kind of thing. Our abilities to babysit comments are limited, so we’re just going to be mean: you get one warning. Repeated abuse of html in comments gets you banned. Repeated abuse by everyone will get the whole privilege shut down. Capiche?
How’d You Pull this Off?
We didn’t. The nice people at IntenseDebate did. You’ll be needing that link to create a profile, should you so choose. My profile looks like this. Since the same people are behind both IntenseDebate and Gravatar, your avatars should magically follow between both. In fact, their whole gig is to make it easier for you to have one profile across many blogs or other sites. If you’re not interested in yet another login and potential invasion of your privacy, you can comment using just a name and email.

Our usual methods are useless here.

Our usual methods are useless here.

Break out the Raid
We were able to keep all previous comments in the system, but it looks like previous in-comment images were a casualty of the Great Leap Forward. Additionally, mobile users will see the old interface. We’re everything still connects and works, but haven’t tested it ourselves.
There’s a known issue where sometimes you’ll see part of the text of a previous comment in the text box, as well as the occasional hiccup where it thinks you’re not logged in when you are. The recommended practice is to refresh the page, hard refresh the page, then clear any cookies associated with Redusernab/Wordpress/IntenseDebate. Most of you are pretty tech savvy, so we’ll let you help each other in the comments and chime in when necessary. There’s also bugs at

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