Streetwalking: Classic Pickups Hide Under Cover of Darkness


Matte grey, matte yellow... and high-gloss pinstripes. Nice.

We found these two beautiful classics on one of our many late-night coffee runs. Tim Horton’s is an addiction that must be satisfied periodically, and the happy side of this is that it has a similar effect on the rest of Canada as well.

Since everyone has to go there periodically, you’ll frequently see quite a nice assortment of cars and trucks parked at your local Timmy’s. Here’s a classic example. Both trucks were meticulously restored, and displayed a great variety of tastes. Whichever one is your favourite depends on whether you like classic and chromed, matte and modded, Ford or Chevy.
Regardless of the differing approaches, I have to admire the subtlety of the work done. Both trucks appeared to have HID upgraded headlights — and not just the standard “stuff an HID bulb in a halogen socket” approach; these appeared to cast the proper reversed-L HID light pattern so they didn’t blind oncoming traffic. Similarly, both trucks appeared to have LED turns and brakelights, and when they started their engines, did not have the standard old-school V8 sounding starter. You know the one I mean, with a low-pitched whine, cranking at low RPMs with massive torque. Instead, they had the new-age high-pitched, high-speed starter noise, implying a new-generation V8 in each truck.
Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to catch the owners to ask questions, but I’ll keep an eye out, and try and catch them next time.

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