Stereotypes Ahoy! 1970s Holden Ad Explains Australians

Ah, the 1970s. An era of unrepressed malaise, in which the atmosphere of boundless optimism was, itself, optimistic at best. This video, featuring completely irrelevant close-up shots of mammaries in small bikinis, seems to attempt to bring out the patriotism of Australians in spite of the general mediocrity of automobilia available to them, either domestic or imported. Unfortunately, it is bringing out the patriotic spirit using little more than the shallowest of stereotypes. One wonders how well it worked.
It reminds me of the “I Am Canadian” ads from Molson a few years back, except that Molson’s approach was to speak out against those tired stereotypes. Not that it helped.
The counterpart ad, planned for New Zealand, with the catchy jingle, “Sheep, Sheep, Sheep and Holden Cars” met with even less success.

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