Speedycop is going big with his next project; a Stripes EM-50 RV

If you’re somehow not already aware, Speedycop is just the best. His projects include many insane LeMons and road car builds; from an amphibious road-going helicopter to the sideways Tippy Hippy VW Van. Recently, however, Speedycop (otherwise known as Jeff Bloch) is going bigger. Much bigger, in fact because he recently found one of his dream machines; a 1973 GMC Sequoia motorhome.
Yes friends, this is going to turn into a Stripes EM-50 Urban Assault Vehicle. But as crazy as the project will be, the actually story behind the purchase and what happened next are equally as enjoyable to read.
So rather than summarize all of the razzle dazzle for you, I’m going to let Mr Cop tell his tale… as copied and pasted from his Facebook post. 

Click that SEE MORE button above to read the whole tale and see all of the photos.

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