Saying good bye to my 1965 Ford F100 [Shift Happens]

It’s been a good run with this one here. At the end of 2014, I purchased a 1965 Ford F100. The intent was to find a project truck that was drivable but that needed some love as well. I wanted to learn how to wrench, and this truck would be the one to help teach me.
In the beginning, I set the timing backwards, tore through steering couplers, and would peer into an engine bay with little clue of what I was actually staring. At the end though, I’d recently helped swap in a hotter cam, pop in new valve seals, change the clutch, and even just diagnoses and repaired an oil leak.
Both the truck and I have some quite a ways. I’ve learned a lot and no longer fear opening up my toolbox to work on my own machine. That was the goal here, and it’s been achieved. 
Now I need something that I can enjoy while bringing my young daughter along for the ride. The truck needs to go for that to happen.
So I’ve sold it.
Will I miss it? Certainly. Am I excited for the next project car phase? Absolutely.

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