Roadtrip 2018 – Northern Italy, part 1: Renting the right car

My life was so much different before my kids were born. We used to travel a lot, all over the world. Even weekends spent home were not spent at home. Year round I’d find somewhere new to go, something new to see, near and far.
Over the last ten years I feel like I have lost that. Young kids require routines and schedules. To go somewhere, anywhere with them is a mission. They require stuff, lots of stuff. They’re on an eating, sleeping, and pooping schedule. They get bored of everything very quickly. I love my kids but admittedly traveling with them wasn’t always easy.
Time goes by fast. It seems to go by much faster as we get older, which is quite scary. Insert your choice a proverb about life being short here. My kids are older now, six and ten years old. They are easier to deal with, sometimes. They don’t get bored as quickly. They’re less scheduled. Therefore my wife and I concluded that we should hit the road.
This year’s trip is Italy. Specifically Rome and points north of Rome. She found cheap airfare. I’ve booked an AirBnB in Rome, near the Spanish Steps. Now we need a vehicle for time after we leave Rome.
I’m going to write a series of articles about the preparations for this trip. What I need to bring with me, where we need to go, where I want to go. I really haven’t figured out any of this it yet, so read along and perhaps help me out.

The trip includes more people than just my wife and kids. My wife’s sister and her husband are coming with us. They’re cool people and can only make my life easier. But now there are six of us. That means that any old European hatchcrap or estate won’t work. We will also have bags with us and my wife and assumingly her sister don’t pack light.
So we need a three-row SUV or a minivan. I asked my Facebook friends for a car rental recommendations and everyone said great things about Sixt. I checked out their website. I got slightly worried when they listed a VW Golf as a Premium Class vehicle. I kept scrolling for something that seats six people in relative comfort and has room for bags.
I found the Peugeot 5008 or similar. The 5008 seems like middle-sized cross-over with tiny third row seats and probably limited cargo space. Topgear said it’s dull to drive. The biggest vehicle in Sixt’s fleet is the Citroën Spacetourer or similar. In Europe they call that a van or a bus. In America, it’s a minivan. It would work: sits up nine, has five doors, air-conditioning, and a manual transmission.
Here is the painful part. Because it is Sixt’s biggest vehicle it’s also the priciest at $163.16 per day. Ouch! For much less than that I could have a 5-series or A6 wagons. Or a 7-series. Or three 3-series. Or eight VWs Polos! I’m thinking that perhaps renting two cars may be a better idea. It would also allow us to split up if we chose to. But having two cars also means fueling up two cars. And paying tolls for two cars. And paying parking for two cars. I am not quite sure what the best way to go around this is.
As of right now I am on the van/minivan boat. I would need to discus the two car option with my companions. I am also open to other suggestions and perhaps a less pricey means of renting a car in Italy. 

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