Roadside Attractions – 1984 Buick LeSabre


There is a small gravel lot alongside the main road I take to work every day; there are often one or two cars sitting there for sale. Usually, they’re nothing special, but when I saw this great white beast posing for traffic this morning, I knew I was bound to stop and get some pictures. Driving home from work tonight, I did just that. Take a look.

According to the For Sale sign:

1984  Buick LeSabre

76,000 miles

New battery & tires

$2,000 OBO


The interior, well, it’s got one. It’s honestly in good to very good condition, especially considering its age. I took a hard look at the seats and couldn’t find any rips or tears. The soft foam and velour seats tended to wear out very quickly, as did the padded dash on most cars from this period. However, everything looked to be in working order and complete.


Excuse the fat finger in the shot. The worst part of the car appears to be the trim, some of which is missing, and the exterior plastic, which is cracked and old. You can see in the lead photo that there’s some plastic missing from under the grille, as well. Expired tags from Colorado are a little concerning, but as long as the seller has a good title or bill of sale, I don’t think WSDOT will care.

I stopped to get some pictures of this car not because it’s necessarily collectible or desirable (yet), but because these old barges are becoming a rare sight on the roads these days. I had a childhood friend whose mother drove a blue one for a while, and it was already old even back then.

Over to you: would you snap up this luxo-barge for a measly $2,000, or would you let it ride?


[Photos Copyright 2013 Redusernab/Marcal Eilenstein]

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