Retard vers la futur: DMC-ized Citroën BX for sale

There’s a few good possibilities for a DMC replica build, if you’re extremely fond of that Giugiaro folded paper design but lack the wherewithal to get an actual, legit, crowd-pulling DeLorean DMC-12 just in time (groan) for October 2015. You could start by dressing up a Volkswagen Scirocco, or if you’re into the more obscure, you can get a LeMons-grade Isuzu Piazza and slap some ducts on it.
This guy who will remain anonymous, but lives at the post code 50400, has built his own DeLorean that’s both closer and further from the original, using a Bertone-designed Citroën BX diesel. Hey, if you’re going to build a DeLorean out of a car, why not do it with style?

There’s a lot of things to admire about this BX build, not limited to the correct badging. There are gullwing doors, the bodywork has been fashioned into an even bolder fastback after the rear doors have been deleted, there are hubcaps that mimic the original wheels, the bumpers have black portions, there’s a Mr. Fusion-like pod on the back, and those cooling ducts are FREAKING GINORMOUS.
Of course, someone else would just have framed the taillights by following the existing edges of the clusters, but that’s just one way to do it. Sadly, there’s no side-on photo, and if the builder would have gone all in, the headlights would have been replaced with four sealed beam units. But for 300 of your well-earned euros, the build is phenomenal. Ceci est lourd, Docteur!
[Source: Leboncoin/Hat tip to Edvin!]

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