Not a Misprint: '81 Ford Durango, For All Your Fox-Body Pickup Needs

The Ford fanatics among us might be aware of this very special Fox-body Fairmont variant, but it’s a rare bird nonetheless. And it’s !

There were less than 200 of these built by National Coach Corporation, which hacked up a perfectly decent Fairmont Futura delivered from the factory and surgically enhanced the clean, timeless lines with a fiberglass pickup bed, including a tailgate that incorporated the sweet stock tailights. Ford intended the Durango to replace the venerable Torino-based Ranchero. As is probably obvious by the obscurity of the trucklet, that didn’t quite happen. Less than 200 were built. Considering the was advertised for an eye-watering $24,000, this one seems like a steal at $8900! It’d be the perfect support vehicle for a LeMons team running any Reagan-era Ford.
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