Night School: Episode 1 – Welcome to Team Valvoline

We’re bringing you to Night School. Well, not real school we know nights are reserved for drinking (so are days too, I guess). Regardless, it’s time to go to Night School… but this one involves wrenches, an old truck, and two idiots who attempt to cram way too much of a work list into way too short an amount of time.
This is episode one in . It’s an effort to support the growing content side of their marketing efforts, which are filled with plenty of cool bits of automotive information and entertainment. We’re joining that fray, and the #HoonTruck is the guinea pig for it all.
Our plan over the course of this series?
Tim is going to show me how to wrench of parts of my truck that I’ve feared to touch. This includes:

  • Swapping in a new clutch (Thanks to Centerforce for the excellent hardware there)
  • Plopping on some fresh valve seals (or… any valve seals, as you’ll see)
  • Upgrading the cam
  • Getting more sound by way of a Magnaflow builder’s kit exhaust system

Any of those jobs on their own isn’t terribly crazy. All of those jobs over the course of a weekend? That’s ambitious. Or stupid. Or both.
Thankfully, I have a Tim…
[Disclaimer: This content is very clearly brought to you by Valvoline, hell it even lives on their site. It was created for them. But it’s also rather awesome content, if we do say so ourselves. So we hope you come along on this five-part journey through the Team Valvoline Night School. .]

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