Name that engine: the results show

In todays Name that engine I gave you nothing but a visual to work with and ended up with a lot of great answers.  If you said it belongs to a  then you are a true Hoon of Genius.  Congrats to for correctly guessing it.  For your efforts, you win the internetz* and a bottle of your very own Brefass Scotch.  Now that we have that out of the way, come in,  pour a drink and behold this Group B champion in all it’s naked glory.

As I was browsing (anyone else think the “T” should stand for tissue?) this morning I came across a link for and wandered in.  Needless to say, I got stuck in their “projects” section.  There are other notable Group B projects including a 1982 Audi Quattro A2 and a 1984 Toyota Celica Turbo, but it’s the S4 previously driven by  that caught my eye.  The engine in question is a 1759 cc, 4 cylinder, DOHC, twincharged Tasmanian Devil on crack, meth and steroids.

Click on over to the for the Full Monty experience.
And in case you are wondering what the sound of ten thousand pissed off bumble bees sounds like:
*internetz have no actual cash value and must be picked up at Hoonquarters by 5 pm pst.

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