Mystery Car

Well, I am very disappointed and rather perplexed. How did anyone not get this. When the Mastery Car is fragment of a taillight an obscure one-off it gets identified within minutes. But here was a vehicle as common as a dog, an iconic American vehicle sold and known the world over, and no one could identify it. Last week’s Mastery Car even had a damn television show named after it, for eff’s sake. How did you miss it? 
Again, I am disappointed. But despite there being no clear winner, there still is The Person of the Moment! award. And that person is… me! For stumping you with something so simple. Bow to me!
Today we once again keep it simple. It’s so simple I expect more than just a make and model. Please don’t let me down again. 

Here it is. The vehicle that none of you so-called automotive experts and enthusiasts could identify. It’s not some 80’s euro-trash yuppy mobile. It’s not a 30’s one-off grand-tourer. It’s not a concept. It’s not a racecar. It’s a damn Jeep Wrangler! The Renegade!
As punishment you are forbidden from wearing any of your BlipShift tee-shirts all weekend. I realize that for many of you it may mean that you won’t be allowed into some places or you won’t get service. And you deserve that. 
All photo credits: Peter Ciani.

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