More car TV is coming your way with a new season of /Drive

NBC Sports is working on bringing more car content to its channel. Alongside its motorsport offerings, the network is adding a new show called Proving Grounds. Bolstering that lineup is the return of another car show; /Drive. This is the one helmed by Mike Spinelli and Chris Harris. Normally Matt Farah is there with them, but he’s stepped away from the show. So a few new faces have been added to the mix.
Alex Roy rips a go-kart across a full-size race track. Zack Klapman goes on an adventure. And though she’s not in the trailer video above, Kristen Lee arrives to the car party.

Since /Drive first launched a number of years ago, Chris Harris has gone on to become a global megastar in the automotive space. Alex Roy has become a unique voice in the ongoing conversation about autonomous tech. And Mike Spinelli has gotten a haircut.
In the quick teaser above, you can see a truly varied mix of cars. Some great locations paired with solid banter. And a growing cast of characters to help keep the content interesting. In fact, I’m personally excited to see Klapman’s role in this show. He’s a great dude and hilarious as well.
/Drive on NBC Sports premieres Sunday October 21st at 8pm EST. It’s right after Proving Grounds, actually. The 5th season of /Drive unfolds over the course of seven episodes, and it culminates in a pilgrimage to Le Mans.

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