Mini Cooper Selling for $25,000 — That's an Austin, not a BMW Mini

It's pretty... but is it $25k pretty?

Having just spent a great deal of time shopping around for a new Mini Cooper S, I know that $25,000 Canadian is a pretty good price for one in perfect shape with low miles. I also know that many dealerships still list the new BMW-built Minis as Austin Minis instead. What I don’t know is whether or not $25,000 Canadian is a good price for a 1963 Austin Mini Cooper.

It seems rather pricey to me — and by pricey, I mean excessive. But I’m no expert, so I’m throwing it out to the Hooniversal Hive Mind. Is it excessive? Would this be a good buy? Should my significant other be jealous that she didn’t just spend her hard-earned cash on this one instead of a new Cooper S? Go have a look at the ad for yourself, and tell us what you think.

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