Magazine Time Machine: Motor Trend February 1955

Last week a co-worker sold me a crate full of vintage car magazines, more than 70 issues in total, so I thought it might be nice to share some of the highlights with my favorite Hoons. This is another issue chock full of amazing stuff that happened well before I was born. This Motor Trend didn’t have quite as compelling a cover as the issue of R&T that I leafed through back in the first installment, but it’s still pretty cool. These days, a cover like this could be described as #Dynamism. I’ve got a lot of well-preserved magazine issues, so here’s another one from the archives. Keep in mind, this paper was printed 60 years ago.

One of my favorite parts of the whole magazine was the bit where they showed off this spy snapshot of the revised-for-1955 Mercedes 300SL racing car. They called it Mercedes’ “Secret Weapon”.
Have you ever seen (or even heard of) a Glasspar Ascot? It had “sparkling performance” from a Studebaker flat-head straight six (though a 172 cube Ford industrial engine is also mentioned). Looks like it’d have been a riot. Could you imagine seeing this thing on the street in the era of boat tails and chrome and tail fins and rocketships?
Nash was one of the first Detroit companies to introduce a “corporate face” with this new grille design debuting on the Ambassador and the Statesman to make them more congruent with the Nash-Healey. Take note Ford, it doesn’t always work…
The new 1955 Jaguar. Oh man, this is one of my favorite Brit cars of all time. Elegant, fast, gorgeous, and stately. Wire wheels, fog lamps, that tall chrome grille, and the split windshield glass. It’d have been quite the choice between this and a 356 Continental Cabriolet, though. It’d sure be fun to drive the two back to back to get a feel for which one I’d have picked in the day.
These old classifieds always make me sad. I know they were just ‘old cars’ back then, and didn’t really matter, but tell me you wouldn’t have jumped on an 18 year old Cord Beverly Sedan for 700 dollars.
This is a 1937 Cord Beverly Sedan, by the way. (Photo from Wikipedia)
A 32 Pierce Arrow Club Sedan for $550. A Cad-Allard for 2 grand? Oh brother. I need to invent a time machine. And a thing that changes now bills to 1950s bills. Make that happen, scientists.

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