Lord Baby Jesus Does Exist, and He Has Given Us the Chevrolet "LS12"

Dear Eight Pound, Six Ounce, Newborn Baby Jesus, don’t even know a word yet, just a little infant, so cuddly, but still omnipotent. We just thank you for all LS-powered V8 swaps you have brought us, but this right here is a second coming of greatness. 

Introduction video after the jump.


LS1Tech user V12Baker brings forth what will be one of the most unique Chevrolet LS-based motors ever made, a LS1-based V12. Essentially Siamese-ing two LS1 blocks, four LS1 heads, two LS1 cranks, two LS1 cams; you get the idea. He’s made a solid V12 out of two LS1 engines. The block, heads, and cam are welded into solid units while the crank is bolted together in the middle. It’s about 8.9L and is about 8.8 inches longer than the standard LS1. And yes, it will eventually get a blowah! 

It’s hard not to think about GMC’s old Twin-Six V12 engines from the 1960’s, which was essentially two GMC V6s end-to-end, casted into a solid block with a solid crank and cam, with four V6 heads, two V6 intake manifolds, etc. 

The cool thing is? The two lobbed off cylinders from each block go into a Motus KMV4-like LS1 V4. That’s recycling that I can dig. 

Apparently this isn’t his first V12. Some LS1Tech threads from 2011 found some of his earlier motors, but this third iteration looks to be something pretty, well, wicked

[Source: Motor Authority, LS1Tech]

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