Let the sounds of this McLaren F1 LM wake you up

This car is one of only six McLaren F1 examples built to what’s called LM-spec. The LM stands for Le Mans, and these cars serve to honor mighty F1 GTR race cars. Of those six, just two were made legal for road duty. The other four are track-only beasts locked away in tidy cages. And of the two, this one here is coming up for sale.

Click play on the video above and you’ll get to see it driven around a bit. Hear the noise from the 6.1-liter V12 engine and all of its 680 horsepower. Friend of Redusernab Cameron Thuman and his team captured this footage of the car ahead of its date with the auction block.

RM Sotheby’s will see this British supercar cross its block during Monterey Car Week. How much will someone spend to put their name on the title? Early bets are somewhere north of $20 million.

We don’t have that kind of cash. But we can still enjoy the car, albeit in video form, thanks to Cameron and his team.

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