Last Call: Hop aboard the Hoonline

There’s something inherently charming about past visions of the future. Visions from the last ~75 years of a high-tech world we might be living in now are, to me at least, utterly fascinating. Decades like the 1950s spawned brilliant concepts of how we might live, interact, and be influenced by space and interstellar flight. The proliferation of such is present in pop culture, most evident in books and movies. Science fiction based on what people thought space exploration might have brought to our world is among my absolute favorite. The just-out-of-reach plausibility makes it both enticing and exciting, because it’s entirely imagined and yet somewhat believable.

And then there’s this: Shigeru Komatsuzaki’s 1981 Space Train. If you had said it was from 1950, I would have believed you. But 1981? By then we knew something like this wouldn’t work. At least the typography makes it look like it says “HOONLINE.”

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