Just Cleaning Up The Thumbdrives: VW Ads

So this olelongrooffan has been spending some of my free time lately trying to organize the over 5,000 images I have saved to several different thumbdrives over the past few years. Some of the many images I have saved have been Vintage VW Ads. Most were created by Doyle, Dane and Bernbach and their early VW ads demonstrated a then new concept in advertising which I find entertaining. I especially like the lede image as it represents a food truck, long before their current popularity.
Below the jump are a few others I found in my “coolstuff/ads” file but a quick google image search will turn up hundreds more.

The two pictured above gather their inspiration from early DDB ads and carry on their tongue in cheek approach to advertising.

For the love of Levittown.

And to tell my fellow Hoons the truth, any of the longroofs shown in the above ad would be welcome in my livery any day of the week.

The above old school photograph is not a VW ad but my oldest brother and one of his girlfriends, and I am sure her name ended with an “a”, washing Bob’s new to him Bug at a local swimming hole just after his acquisition of it. This photograph is round about 50 years old and Bob, at nearly 70 years old, can’t remember this young lady’s name but still remembers the night he rolled that Bug going to visit yet another girlfriend whose name ended with an “a.” Lotsa memories right there.
VW Ad Images Shamelessly Stolen Over The Years
Bob’s Bug Image Copyright Redusernab 2017/longrooffan

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