Jalopnik road trips a 1970 BMW 2500 across the country

Jalopnik boss man Patrick George and skid-car lover Raphael Orlove recently spent a few days behind the wheel of a lovely vintage BMW. The car is a 1970 2500 and it was formerly owned by Road & Track word fornicator Sam Smith. He sold the car to a friend of Patrick and Raphs so it needed to shuffle off from the Pacific Northwest over to New York. Patrick and Raphael volunteered to handle the drive.
It’s always appears a bit daunting at first. The idea of a lengthy road trip in a machine with a handful of years piled on its back. While the mechanical bits are more simple than any modern thing, they’re also prone to breaking anywhere at any time. Having a car mechanically sorted is a nice feeling, but that doesn’t mean you’re not constantly worrying about every odd squeak or felt vibration.
Or dripping combustible fluid on hot headers, as was the case in my own old-school-cool road trip from a few years back.

Datsun Drive – Day 6; This is the end, beautiful friend, this is the end

Head over to Jalopnik to read the full saga. It’s… fairly adventure free actually, and that’s a great thing in a trip like this with a car like that.
[Image courtesy of Jalopnik]

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