Jaguar built a rally-ready F-Type droptop

I mean… come on! Look at that photo. Sure, it could be cropped from the factory and the car is barely off the ground. But that’s still a rally-prepped Jaguar F-Type convertible and that’s the best kind of ridiculous.
Why this car? Well, Jaguar claims it’s to celebrate the XK120, which was first built back in 1948. Some brave wonderful idiot rallied one back in the day, and thus Jaguar is able to sell this rally F-Type to its internal accounting boffins. We’re not complaining, mind you because this thing is pretty bad ass.
This is just the four-cylinder version too, but that would still prove plenty of fun as its flung down a dirt road. 
Hop the jump for one more pic.

We need to drive this thing…

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