I'm Thankful For: My friend's pickup truck

Pickup trucks are a bit like boats. The best ones are owned by a good friend. My pal Sam bought a 2017 Ram 1500 about a year ago. At the time he got a great deal on the truck thanks to the the all-new-ish 2018 looming ahead. This pickup is almost fully loaded, with V8 power, air-suspension, heated/ventilated seats, a big infotainment unit, great audio, huge sunroof, and a number of other things. Most importantly, he loves it. 
When I had to move a fridge and an old couch from from my apartment to my new house, I had a choice to make: rent a truck or ask a friend for help. I chose the latter. With the help of another friend, we loaded up the truck and brought both of those bulky items to my new house in one swift move. The truck performed flawlessly. It even lowered itself when we were loading it. The cabin is huge and comfortable, and it’s easy to drive. 
I didn’t grow up around pickup trucks. I cannot think of one person I knew who had a pickup truck until I was in my thirties. But man did I develop an appreciation for them. Between Sam’s truck or towing the , or just , I love them all. I’m thankful that these awesome vehicles exists and I am thankful for the awesome people who have them and can lend them to me. 

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