I'm Thankful For: Adventure

I’m not one for big, sweeping New Year’s Resolutions, but going into 2017 I made an all-important, life-changing one: explore more. Or, rather, as I like to call it: see more new, cool shit. A mantra to eschew the stagnance that was, and to make the most of life going forward.
This year, after nearly two full turns of the calendar of a big change in mindset and doing my best to get out and explore more, I’m thankful for just what I set out to do more of: adventure.
I’m thankful to be fortunate enough to have the support and means to follow my passions. For the ability to see new sights; for having new sights to see. For building relationships through trips and for the people that come on them. For the vehicles that make getting to these places possible, and for the journeys along the way. For the feeling that comes when experiencing something new, and breathtaking. For always knowing there’s more to do, and more to see.
This year my “big trip” was out to CA– twice. to explore the beaches and mountains, and then shortly after to the SF Bay Area to and to in a duo of trips that made dreams come true. On top of that, there’s been numerous trips out to PA for off-roading, and the icing on the cake has been countless hiking trips to new and to favorite spots. As far as going places goes, I’m extremely lucky to do what it is that I do for fun.
For me, adventure is what makes life worth living. And for that, I’m thankful.

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